Weather for Maine
Welcome to Maine
North Berwick, Maine

Last Updated: 01/23/17 on 8:56p

The station is a Davis Vantage Pro.
Located at 43 23' 26" N/  70 46' 42" W

Maine Weather is a local personal weather station. The station is uploaded every 5 minutes. Go to current to get up to date information. On this site you can find links to Maine Personal Weather Stations located through out the State. is part of the APRSWXNET/CWOP and Weather Underground networks. Maine Weather is a personal site and subject to many variables. There are many commerical weather sites that give you a more detailed weather pattern.

You can check out the Town of North Berwick by going to their website.

Forecast: Mostly cloudy and cooler. Precipitation continuing.    Go to this page to get a printable forecast for the town of North Berwick.

Sunrise:  8:06a   Sunset:  5:43p

Moon Phase:  Waning Crescent

Current Conditions

Temperature: 28.7 F

Today's High:  32.7 F at 12:00a

Today's Low:  28.7 F  at 9:29a

Heat Index: 28.4 F

High Heat Index: 33.0 F at 12:00a

Pressure: 29.911 in Falling Slowly*

Air Density: 0.0809 lb/cu.ft

Humidity: 80 %

Dew Point: 23.3 %

Inside Temp: 61.0 F


Todays Rain: 295.80in

Storm Total: 15.12in 

Rain Rate: 14.40in/hr

High Rain Rate: 15.16in/hr /12:00a

Current Month:432.62in

Yearly Rain: 203.02in

Wind Stats

Wind: 0.0 mph/ NE

Daily High:  16.0 mph at  8:56p

5 Minute High: --- mph

10 Minute Avg: 3.0(---) mph 

10 Minute High: --- mph 

Wind chill:  25.6F

High Monthly:  34.0mph

High Yearly Wind: 34.0mph